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Transitioning Enlisted Military Men & Women

Why CMC Technical?


We specialze in placing separating enlisted military personnel in civilian careers.  We are experts in our field and our services are tailored to meet your needs.  Since 1978 we have assisted thousands of enlisted personnel with their civilian transition.  Our approach to your job search is personalized and we take great strides in matching your skills and goals with those of our client companies. With over 30 years experience we have 1000's of job available. We know who in the technical insudtry is hiring, what types of candidates they are recruiting for, where the opportunities are located and what salaries, benefits and what   upward mobility /career paths are offered.  We are proud of working with some of the best cmpanies in American  and  can put you in touch with the appropriate hiring authority.


All of our Recruiters, many ex-military understand your unique situation and are the experts in the most effective way to identify your skill sets to help you package yourself in the best way possible for the positions and companies you are interested in.


Our goal at CMC is to get you the the type of position you want in the industry you want and in the geographical location you desire. 97% of all candidates who receieve a face-face interview arranged by CMC Technical recieve a job offer. We listen very closely to the needs of you the client and our client customers as evedent by our success rate.

We will never ask you to attend a HIRING/CONFRENCE:

Your time and money is valuable.  Most Job Fairs and Hiring Confrences require a three day commitment. Candidate are required to pay thier own way to the confrence site. This is extremly expense expecially for those candidates with geograhical restrictions,  If you happen to be stationed in Hampton Roads and you desire to work in Chicago/Florida/California etc. then it is generally your responsability to arrange to be in one of those locations three days before the confrence. The first day is for interview screening, interview training and and a briefing on what companies will be attending. (what if you are not interested in the attending companies or the do not have open positions in you geographical loaction, too late you already spent the time and money) Day two is for interviewing and if you lucky day three can be used for interview follow-ups. Not only do you make your own arrangements for flying/driving but you also have the added expense of three nights hotel.


With 30 years experience our customers trust us to select the candidates we deem would be most qualified for the position(s) they are reqruiting for. After discussing with you all the particulars of the jobs you give us the green light to proceed with arranging a telephone interview at a mutually agreed upon time between you in the customer. Prior to the telephone interviews you will have viewed the companies web-site, been throughly briefed on the position, salary, and goals  So far we have eliminated the expense of the air fare and hotel for day one of the confrence.  Should both parties agree they would like to proceed the customer will arrange to have you come to thier facility for a face to face at thier expence. The expense of day two and day three have now been eliminated.

 We also offer a program called "One-Stop Recruiting"

Companies are not restricted from attending because of thier geographical locatin. We invite one Company with  positions available throughout the United States. That one Company has a interviewing schedule dedicated mto the exclusively. You will have the opportunity to meet one on one with client companies who are looking for you exact skilll set in the exact location you desire. Remember 97% of the candidates recieve an offer utilizing this program.


We are compensated/rewarded by our  client companie for assisting them in identifying/recruitong and throughly matching up the skill sets and candidates that meet their job opportunities. All invitations to visit a company site to meet with the hiring attority are absorbed by the hirinh company.