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 Military Transition to a Civilian Career

If you are preparing to transition from Active Duty to a civilian job, there are several questions that we are sure you are taking into consideration when choosing your next career.

1. How can you turn the skills sets you have learned while in the military to good paying civilian career?

2. What are the career paths and/or are there opportunities for advancement in different career fields you are considering?

3. What will the benefits packages include?

4. Will you be able to find a position that offers the job security that you have come to expect with your time in the military?

5. Will civilians Recruiters understand what you do in the military? 

Find out how to translate your military skills to a civilian job is one of the biggest obstacles for people who are leaving the military to enter the cilivan ranks. You have the experience, but you just don't know how to communicate it without using military jargon. Chances are that most civilians reviewing your resume will not be familiar with 'military language,' abbreviations and acronyms. We can help.

We, at CMC Technical, have the expertise to help you figure out the answers to these questions and transform your military job into a great civilian career.

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