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Military Nuclear Power Jobs for Civilian Employment

Transform your military specialty into civilian jobs that provide you with the challenge and excitement you are looking for in a career after the military. In the military you learned valuable skills and gained knowledge about specialized jobs, and these skills can help you find civilian employment after you leave the military.

Because energy independence is such an important area of current technological research, nuclear power jobs for veterans are populating all over the country. If you specialize in nuclear power, jobs ware waiting to be filled at power plants, engineering firms, and tech companies all across the United States.

Nuclear power encompass many specialties, allowing you to be a viable candidate for high-wage civilian employment at many of our partner employers. Since jobs for nuclear candidates require very specific skills and knowledge, which you gain in the military working aboard aircraft carriers or submarines, many nuclear power companies prefer to hire military for their open civilian jobs.

 CMC Technical specializes in all areas of nuclear power, maximizing your potential by matching you with the position that fits your needs and goals.

If you want to change your military field service job into a civilian career, submit your resume today!

Let us help you find civilian jobs as:

  • Reactor Operators
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Nuclear Electrician
  •  ELT
  • Power Production
  • Nuclear Power Instructors