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Military to Civilian Job Placement Process

Finding civilian employment after leaving the military does not have to be an excruciatingly process. Labeled the “Job Fair Alternative,” CMC Technical’s one-stop recruiting process provides  ex-military the ability to find civilian careers without having to attend career conferences or use unreliable job posting websites.

How does the CMC Technical treat former military looking for civilian jobs any better than

When you visit the CMC Technical website to view available jobs for transitioning military, you will find several differences between CMC Technical and other mainstream job posting sites. The technical positions listed on are all related to the fields you worked and are familiar with in the military. If you were an electrical technician in the Navy, expect to find a job that utilizes your skills.

Online resume submission is nothing new; what does CMC Technical do different to find me a civilian job?

CMC Technical provides former military looking for civilian employment with an opportunity to personalize the job search. Unlike the other military recruiters, CMC Technical interviews and performs a thorough goals analysis for every candidate. 

I’ve heard these military to civilian career fairs can be good. Why don’t I just go to a hiring conference?

Job fairs, whether they are hosted at the local mall or by a supposed military veteran recruiting firm, are often nothing more than a group of booths where potential employers hand out pamphlets and collect a stack of resumes without actually getting to know the candidates. CMC Technical offers a career fair alternative that gives the former military candidates personalized assistance in finding a civilian job that suits his/her financial and personal goals. We are precise and deeply involved in every step of the job search for our candidates, and 97% of the time the candidates we send for interviews for technical jobs have been offered a position.

The service at CMC Technical sounds great. But how much will it cost me to find civilian employment?

CMC Technical guides you in your search to find veteran jobs absolutely free to you. We are paid exclusively by the employers that hire us to find quality candidates for their companies.


Don’t waste time submitting resumes to nameless classified ads, contact CMC Technical to get your job search started before leaving the military!